AJ Guel started his musical journey as a child listening to his grandmother sing hymns in her kitchen in Danevang, Tx. “She would sing along to cassettes of the church choir as she cooked for the older kids and adults that were working in the cotton fields. Something about the songs and the melodies just drew me in.” Singing and playing instruments seemed to come naturally to AJ as he got into the Jr. High and High School band. His focus moved from brass instruments to the guitar as he graduated and began college at Texas State University. While Living in San Marcos, Texas, AJ immersed himself in the Hill Country music scene as he honed his songwriting and performance craft. If you ask AJ what it is about music that he loves the most he’ll tell you, “Singing is all about telling a story. I’ve always loved songs that could paint a picture in my head of what the singer was thinking when they were writing. I listen to all types of music but for me, Country music is how I best tell my story.